The value of a person is measured by his competencies. In order to show you roughly what I offer, I will mention below technical competencies that make up my area of competence consisting of self-hosted services, Windows in all its facets as well as other things and also explain possible areas of application, advantages or complications.

Core competencies



Why do repetitive or tedious tasks over and over again when you can have them done automatically? I am constantly looking into the problem of redundancy. Whether it's starting/shutting down a PC via smart home using voice control, automatically updating programs, or making backups on my own for data security.


One of the most promising technologies of our current time. It enables the isolation of applications so that complex systems can often be set up again in the shortest possible time when changing hardware. In addition, containerization offers a perfect prerequisite for scaling, load balancing & dealing with software errors.


The eternal construction site Windows. Even though the operating system has gained significantly in performance over the years and has become less error-prone, many things are often still anything but self-explanatory. Starting with Windows XP, I have always configured my systems to offer maximum performance and automated maintenance. No matter if batch programming or small tricks.


Self-hosted services would be hard to imagine without Linux. Small single-board computers can become real performance servers through the operating system in combination with Docker, especially for small companies or the home network. The goal of Linux is to use as few resources as possible for things that are not needed, such as a GUI, and to offer high maintainability. This is also ideal for automation.


The open source software par excellence for storing data on your own server. No matter if it's just about sharing vacation photos with the geographically separated family or an internal company intranet. Nextcloud offers many options for both home users and business users with calendars, notes, password, music or photo app, or even internal communication without a third party through Talk, a Microsoft Teams or Slack replacement included in the cloud. See among others NextCloudPi - Own Cloud with ODROID N2.


Especially home users often rely on a Synology NAS system. Be it because of the easy-to-understand web interface or the multitude of ready-made options for applications like the Plex Media Server. The possibility of a Docker installation opens up countless possibilities to host important applications yourself.

Technologies & Programming Languages


Probably the most popular programming language in the world. Even if it is increasingly replaced by Python, a high overall percentage of applications are based on Java. Through my experience as a software engineer I have quite a bit of experience programming with Java in business environments. The whole thing ties into the next point Spring Boot.

Spring Boot

The Spring framework in connection with Java is often used for programming web applications and for simplifying the development of enterprise Java applications in connection with best practices. An example of this is the separation of the data access layer (DAO) and data transfer (DTO).


The frequent combination of Angular on the frontend and Spring Boot or Java on the backend enables the creation of visually appealing, responsive web applications. Angular is equipped with everything to provide the user with a beautiful interface and is supported by TypeScript, HTML and CSS. Frontend and backend can thus be seamlessly separated. Again, there is experience from various projects and trainings regarding the framework.


In the meantime, websites can be set up simply according to the modular principle. Mostly, however, functionalities for this are only available in a limited way. WordPress as a world-famous content management system (CMS) still enjoys great popularity due to its diversity. Also my website is based on WordPress. This should end any doubts that no contemporary material design views are possible for the long existing blog tool.


For one or the other it is interesting where my experiences & qualifications come from. Starting as a child, I already dealt a lot with Windows, because especially at the time of Windows XP there were still plenty of optimization possibilities in every respect and more power was very expensive.

Some knowledge such as business process modeling comes from my business informatics studies, which I acquired more deeply in self-study. Thus, due to the problem of the insignificant free storage space of 2 GB in a freely available Dropbox account, I began to look for cost-effective and secure solutions for collaborative work but also the storage and sharing of data.

This led me to the approach to do it myself and to build a server. Docker quickly revealed new possibilities and I noticed that you can host a lot of things yourself, which can be very helpful, especially in times of data protection laws. So I gained most of my knowledge in my spare time.

But also my professional experience is not negligible, especially when it comes to programming. Through training and projects I have learned a lot about best practices in programming and can therefore also show a not insignificant portfolio of experience with programming languages.

Skills or competencies are often based on one's own experience. Since it would be too much to present all qualifications separately, here is an overview of other aspects:

  • Python
  • Batch/shell programming
  • SQL databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Server facilities
  • Business process modeling with BPMN
  • UML modeling
  • Git
  • Microsoft Office


Based on the listed skills, technologies and other qualifications you have a rough overview of things I can implement. Do not hesitate to ask. We will find solutions for your problems.

It doesn't matter whether it's setting up or automating in the smart home sector, programming applications or even setting up a company's internal network.

Sascha Brockel

Interested, but lack time or knowledge?

No problem. Contact me and we will discuss your requirements. No matter if business or private.