What makes me special?

Optimization & selfhosting are my areas of expertise. Especially in times of big data and increasing data protection, the focus is often on own data storage. Starting with the own cloud up to the self-hosted website with low costs.


My skills include designing microservices, troubleshooting problems with Windows operating systems, and much more.


The iron will to perfection characterizes me. An order is only completed when both you and I are satisfied.


You need support and as soon as possible? I will help you in the fastest possbile time with the help of online services or at your location!

Who am I?

I studied the interdisciplinary field of business & IT, more precisely business information systems. I did my Bachelor of Science with a focus on e-entrepreneurship and IT management. I am currently completing my Master of Science with a focus on Enterprise Systems.
Sascha Brockel Person

Sascha Brockel

M. Sc. Business Information Systems

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All articles on several topics can be found here

Docker mit Spring Boot & Angular

In der Zeit der Microservices gilt Docker als Non plus ultra. Auch Frontend Anwendungen wie Angular oder Backend Anwendungen wie Spring Boot (Java) lassen sich einfach in Docker Containern nutzen. Bei der Präsentation einer Anwendung Read more…

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Global: Online
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